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lEt SB.Do sth.怎么造句?

let me look at it 让我看一下 She would not let the child do it. 她不会让孩子做这事的。 Never let yourself down 永远不要让你自己失望 Let us go home.让我们回家吧

Let sb do sth 造句 用一般现在一般过去各造一个 一般现在:Let us go to school. 一般过去 He said that we shouldn't just let the animals die.

let sb to do sth是错的。let后面不能有to,需接原型。 即let sb do sth 例:let us study. Let Li Ming go abroad.

let my son fulfill his dream.让我的儿子实现他的梦想


1. Let Tom go to fly a kite tomorrow at the park. 2. Let Mary tell a story next week in class. 3. Let father cook dinner tonight at home. 4. Let mother do the dishes after dinner in the kitchen. 5. Let Grandfather take me to th...


Let's go

let us do the homework让我们一起做功课吧 let him take care of the baby让他照顾好这个孩子 (貌似没有to)

let she finish the work by herself let he go home quickly


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